Travel with your pet? Prepare in advance !

image001Not everybody realizes that traveling with your pet means “importing a live animal into another country”. Importing countries protect themselves from the risk of importing disease by having requirements in place  (read more)…

Exporting animals from Aruba.

It is your responsibility as an owner to find out what the requirements are for importing an animal into another country. You will probably need our help to comply with these requirements. For instance when a health certificate, a test or a vaccination is needed. Find out in time: sometimes preparation should start as early as 6 months before the animal actually travels. Also contact the airliner since they may have special requirements.

  1. Search for the requirements. A good way to start is enter “Importing pet into the United Kingdom”  or “Importar mascotas en Colombia” in a search engine like Google. In the search results select an official website and look for the requirements for your type of animal. Often you will find more websites giving information, some very good but often outdated, so official websites are better.
  2. Schedule an appointment. When reading through these requirements you will find out when you will have to schedule a first appointment at one of our clinics. We will assist you during that first visit to help you have an uneventful flight with your dog, cat, horse, turtle or what have you.

Importing animals to Aruba.

Aruba is free of some contagious diseases found elsewhere in the world. For example: Aruba is free of Rabies and has also successfully eradicated Screwworm. The import of dogs and cats from South- and Central America as well as The Dominican Republic, Haiti and Jamaica is prohibited because of the Rabies situation in those countries

The Veterinary Service of Aruba ( needs to give you pre approval before ! the airliner will accept an animal for transport into Aruba.

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