About Us

P1012430Running a veterinary clinic is like running a small hospital: front desk employees schedule appointments, dispense prescribed medicines, answer the phone, hand over patients who have been operated, sell over the counter products and perform financial transactions.

Veterinary technicians assist the veterinarians during consultation hours and operations, preparing patients for operation, giving after care, administering medication and performing light laboratory work.

Our boarding personnel takes daily care of boarded or hospitalized animals, administering oral medication as prescribed, keeping track of food and water intake and alerting the veterinarians, when they see anything out of the ordinary. They also clean and sanitize the clinic and the pens, check the animals for parasites and if needed bath them.

Last but not least our administration avoids that anybody else has to worry about bills or salaries to be paid, vacation or sick days to be administered and other tasks that typically do not interest animal lovers.

Mission Statement and Objectives

VKA strives to improve the well being and quality of life of animals on Aruba in general and domestically kept animals in particular

We deliver state of the art veterinary services at various locations on Aruba. Around the clock a team of well trained veterinarians and their staff is committed to providing excellent veterinary services and high quality products to help your pets live a long and healthy life


The VKA is jointly owned by and operated by veterinarians with the invaluable help of veterinary technicians, front desk personnel, boarding staff and administration.

The clinics operating under the logo are centrally organized. For you as a client this has a couple of remarkable advantages:

  • One central server database:
    • The history of your pet is available always, at every VKA clinic. So even the veterinarian on call whom you have never seen will know your pet is allergic to ampicillin…
    • Appointments can be scheduled from any clinic at every clinic
    • Payments can be made at any clinic
  • Central purchase of medicine:
    • More volume, resulting in purchase discount and attractive prices for our customers
    • Individual clinics are less likely to be out of stock
  • Specialization and professional guidelines (protocols) for our veterinarians and personnel:
    • We can afford to invest in specialized training and equipment
    • By following protocol and guidelines we strive to bring you the same dependable service at every VKA clinic