10% Discount on early spay/neuter?!?

spayneuter1At Veterinaire Klinieken Aruba we promote responsible pet ownership. We therefore would like to reward you when you take preventative measures like vaccinating your pet in time and practicing birth control by early spay/neuter.

We see too many clients bringing in animals that are sick from preventable disease. This brings about unnecessary suffering for your pet and avoidable cost for you, the owner. We would like to extend a helping hand.

In order to prevent disease vaccination has proven to be very important. There are deadly viruses out there, like Parvo (bloody diarrhea affecting mostly puppies), Distemper (a very efficient killer of dogs of all ages) or deadly Leukemia in cats that you can protect your pet from simply by vaccinating in time.

To help you to cover the cost of vaccinations we have taken off 10% of the price of our booster shots. Booster shots are repeat vaccinations of the “puppy shot” and the “cocktail vaccination”.

And if your puppy or kitten has received all 4 vaccinations according to schedule you will also receive 10 % discount on early (i.e. before 6 months of age) spay or neuter.

This is our way of helping you become a responsible pet owner and reducing the number of unwanted animals born each year.

Vaccination schedule dogs

6 weeks Puppyshot
9 weeks Puppy booster shot
12 weeks Cocktail vaccination
14 weeks Cocktail booster vaccination
Yearly Cocktail vaccination

Vaccination schedule cats

2 months Basic cocktail vaccination
3 months Cocktail booster + Feline Leukemia vaccination
3 months and 3 weeks Feline Leukemia booster
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