Welcome to the Veterinary Clinics Aruba

At Veterinary Clinics Aruba we strive to offer pets and their owners state of the art veterinary service at a reasonable price. Serving the Aruban community since 1982 we have developed from a one room facility into modern small animal hospital at Wayaca and a well equipped veterinary clinic in Noord.

US, Canada and Europe trained veterinarians supported by our friendly staff offer an array of veterinary services providing your pets the opportunity to live a long and healthy life.

Protocols during the COVID-19 outbreak


E salud di nos team, cliente y nos patientenan ta nos maximo prioridad!

Pa e motibo aki nos ta tumando medidanan nobo entrante 16 di Maart. Nos protocolnan nobo na nos clinicanan ta lo siguiente:

  1. Porfabor traha un cita (entre 7.00 AM – 5.00 PM). Nos no ta tumando ‘walk-ins’ mas mainta desde 16 di Maart.
    * Den e manera aki nos por atende abo y bo mascota den un manera mas controla, y cu un cantidad minino di persona den nos clinica riba mesun momento.
    * Esaki nos ta hasi pa preveni multitud di hende den nos clinica.
  2. Nos ta pidi un suplica na nos clientenan mayor ( 60+/ salud zwak) pa porfabor keda cas. Pidi un otro persona pa trese bo mascota si e tin un cita.
  3. Si bo ta wak 2 persona caba den nos clinica porfabor warda pafo of den bo auto te ora cu ta bo turno. Nos kier purba purba limita e cantidad di persona cu ta drenta den nos clinica na mesun momento.
    Si bo ta interesa den cumpra cualkier di nos productonan, porfabor jama prome y laga nos sa ki producto bo ta desea di cumpra, pa asina ki nos por tin’e cla caba pa bo ora bo drenta. Di e manera aki nos por evita rijnan largo y nos lo por yuda bo den un manera mas eficiente posibel.
  4. Nos lo tin spray pa desinfecta na balie.
  5. Si bo ta sinti malo y tin un cita, POR FABOR keda cas! Jama nos y traha un cita nobo.

Nos ta pidi pa tur hende coopera cu nos den e momento nan aki, nos ta aprecia hopi boso cooperacion.

Boso por tuma contacto cu nos pa un cita of pa cambia bo cita na 582-1720 (Wayaca) of 587-0911 (Noord).
Bo no ta gusta hasi jamada? Tuma contacto cu nos via nos online form.


The health of our team, clients and patients is our top priority

That is why, we are taking new measures. As of March 16th, we will have the following new protocols at our clinic:

  1. Please make an appointment (between 7.00 AM – 5.00 PM). We are not taking any walk-ins as of March 16th. This way we can attend to you and your pet in a controlled way with the minimum amount of people inside the clinic at one time. This is to prevent crowds in the waiting room / clinic
  2. We kindly ask our senior clients not to come into the clinic. Please ask someone else to bring your pet in for their appointment.
  3. Please check inside, if you see TWO people inside the clinic waiting area, please wait outside or inside your car for your turn. We would like to keep the amount of people in the waiting area as minimum as possible. No more than 2 clients at a time in the clinic.
    If you are interested in buying any of our products for your pet, please call us first so we can have your order ready when you arrive. This way we can avoid long lines and we will be able to help you in a more efficient way possible.
  4. We will have disinfectant hand sprays by the front desk.
  5. If you are feeling sick but already have an appointment, PLEASE stay home, call us and reschedule the appointment.

We kindly ask your cooperation and appreciate your understanding

Let’s practice Social distancing and take care of one another!

Contact us for an appointment or to reschedule your appointment at +297 582-1720 (Wayaca), +297 587-0911 (Noord).
Phone calls not your thing? Contact us through our online form.


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At Veterinaire Klinieken Aruba we promote responsible pet ownership. We therefore would like to reward you when you take preventative measures like vaccinating your pet in time and practicing birth control by early spay/neuter. We see too many clients bringing in animals that are sick from preventable disease. This brings about unnecessary suffering for your... Read more