Welcome to the Veterinary Clinics Aruba

At Veterinary Clinics Aruba we strive to offer pets and their owners state of the art veterinary service at a reasonable price. Serving the Aruban community since 1982 we have developed from a one room facility into modern small animal hospital at Wayaca, a well equipped veterinary clinic in Noord and a satellite clinic in San Nicolas.

US, Canada and Europe trained veterinarians supported by our friendly staff offer an array of veterinary services providing your pets the opportunity to live a long and healthy life.


Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort has teamed up with island veterinarians to help reduce the number of homeless dogs and cats in Aruba, and to make responsible pet ownership a reality. Introducing “Love me. Sterilize me.,” this new community outreach provides island dogs (“crioyo”) and cats with much-needed spay and neutering surgeries thanks to generous... Read more

Not everybody realizes that traveling with your pet means “importing a live animal into another country”. Importing countries protect themselves from the risk of importing disease by having requirements in place  (read more)… Exporting animals from Aruba. It is your responsibility as an owner to find out what the requirements are for importing an animal... Read more

At Veterinaire Klinieken Aruba we promote responsible pet ownership. We therefore would like to reward you when you take preventative measures like vaccinating your pet in time and practicing birth control by early spay/neuter. We see too many clients bringing in animals that are sick from preventable disease. This brings about unnecessary suffering for your... Read more